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HBPA Board Minutes

Friday September 15, 2017 4:00 pm

Lower Level Conference Room, Canterbury Park 

The Meeting was called to order by President Jack Walsh at 4:04 p.m.

President Jack Walsh welcomed new Owner Director Scott Rake.

Roll call was taken. Board members present were Jack Walsh – President, Bernell Rhone – Vice President, David Van Winkle, Pete Mattson, Dan Mjolsness, Bruce Malkerson and new Director Scott Rake.  Also present: Mike Cronin, Wendy Hobson. Quorum present.  Absent were Claudia Goebel and Cort Holten.

Trainer Luis Canchari and his granddaughter entered the conference room. Mr. Canchari said he was not there to speak; just to listen and to show President Walsh some documents later.

President Jack Walsh called for a motion to adopt the agenda as presented.  Dan Mjolsness made the motion to adopt the agenda as presented; seconded by Bernell Rhone.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes for August 17, 2017 board meeting.  Bernell Rhone made the motion to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Bruce Malkerson. Motion carried.

The floor opened for nominations for President; Bruce Malkerson nominated Jack Walsh and was seconded by Bernell Rhone.  Dan Mjolsness made a motion to close nominations; seconded by Bernell Rhone. Vote was unanimous.

President Walsh then opened the floor to nominations for Vice President. Bruce Malkerson nominated Bernell Rhone, seconded by Scott Rake. Dan Mjolsness made a motion to close nominations; seconded by Bruce Malkerson.  Vote was unanimous.

Executive Director Michael Cronin gave a brief update.

  • Dental Clinic closed today. He thanked Dr. Scott Rake for his time and devotion.
  • Accountant Review and 2016 taxes were finished and signed. (IRS deadline had been extended to November.)
  • Jogger had been broken down for over half the meet and suggested a new one needed to be purchased. Some discussion ensued.  Mike will do the due diligence and report back.

Board meeting schedule for 2018 was approved.  Bernell made the motion to approve 2018 meeting schedule.  Seconded by Bruce Malkerson; motion carried.  The December meeting will be December 7th at 3:00 pm at a location to be determined.  Bruce Malkerson suggested Mystic Lake. Bruce felt we need to reach out to the Tribe. There was general agreement to do so.

Discussion on Canterbury management’s plan for the racetrack surface.  Management is looking to locate the silt material needed, preferably before winter. However, since addition of material takes only a few days, adding material in April will be possible.

Condition Book committee was discussed briefly. Emphasis on sticking with book and eliminating many condition claiming races.

Projected increased purse money for 2018. Question: Add race days or increase average purse?

A committee to review HBPA Bylaws is needed. Executive Director and President Walsh will have a memo for next meeting on bylaws.

4:34 pm David VanWinkle and Tony Rengstorf exit the meeting to saddle their horses for the 1st race.

It was noted that Eric Halstrom is now working at Prairie Meadows.

Tribe has an agreement with Canterbury Park that purse structure will be in place by January.

A plaque of appreciation will be presented to Bob Lindgren at the start of 2018 Canterbury Meet.  Motion made by Bruce Malkerson; seconded by Pete Mattson.  Motion Carried.

Motion to adjourn was made by Bernell Rhone.  Seconded by Scott Rake.  Motion carried; meeting adjourned 4:55 pm.


HBPA Board Minutes

Thursday, August 17, 2017 4:30 pm

Paddock Garden Conference Room, Canterbury Park


The Meeting was called to order by President Jack Walsh at 4:32 p.m.

Roll call was taken; Board members present were Jack Walsh – President, Claudia Goebel, David Van Winkle and Bernell Rhone – Vice President, Pete Mattson, Dan Mjolsness, Bob Lindgren and Bruce Malkerson.  Also present: Cort Holten (4:50), Mike Cronin, Wendy Hobson. Quorum present.

President Jack Walsh called for a motion to adopt the agenda as presented.  Dan Mjolsness made the motion to adopt the agenda as presented, seconded by Bob Lindgren.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes for July 20, 2017 board meeting.   Pete Mattson made the motion to accept the minutes as presented seconded by Bernell Rhone. After minor revision suggested by Bruce, which was agreed upon by consensus, vote was then taken. Motion carried.

Michael Cronin, Executive Director, gave his report:

  • Met with accountant, formalized 2016 review and feel we will be able to file taxes before the October deadline.
  • Scott Rake gave the Dental Clinic a Digital X-Ray.
  • Horsemen’s Appreciation Dinner is Sunday; will give out hats and T-shirts.
  • We sent out 734 ballots August 4th, with deadline for voting September 7th.
  • Eric Hamelback from National contacted the affiliates with regards to a contribution for Kent Stirling, who is having health serious health issues. Bernell Rhone made the motion to gift $1000 to Kent.  Seconded by Claudia Goebel.  Motion Carried.

4:50 pm Cort Holten enters the meeting

President Jack Walsh explained an employee situation that had arisen.  The situation was explained thoroughly and discussion ensued.  Bylaw Indemnification clause was referred to.  The conclusion was that the HBPA Board would cover the attorney fees as allowed and that punitive damages, if any, would have to be the employee’s responsibility to seek.  Bob Lindgren made the motion to reimburse the attorney fees paid.  Bernell Rhone seconded the motion.  Motion Carried.

The infield concert has been canceled due to low ticket sales.  Randy Sampson and Andrew Offerman would like to revert back to the original final day of the season, which is Saturday, September 16th.  Randy would like to end the meet on a positive note and Fridays were not always a good day.  Bernell Rhone explained the change.  Bruce Malkerson made a motion to approve the change back to the original end date.  Pete Mattson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

President Jack Walsh related to the Board that he and Mike attended a meeting last Thursday regarding Minnesota breeding, which was hosted by Joe Scurto, MRC Deputy Excecutive Director; MRC Executive Director Tom DiPasquale was also in attendance and made brief remarks followed by answering questions at the conclusion of the meeting. There were approximately thirty (30) stakeholders in attendance.  A primary topic of the meeting was the Advisory Committee and how it should be re-instituted with ample notice for individuals who would like to be on the committee.  The Commission made the commitment to send out notice to people who may be interested in the committee. Discussion ensued as to the legal authority of the Commission’s Executive Director in matters of breeders’ funds and rewards.

Financial Packet was included in Board packet for members to review.  President Walsh told Board Members that there would be funds available for those wishing to attend National  HBPA Convention in March in New Orleans.

A horseman with a recent methamphetamine wanted to get a petition for horsemen to sign regarding thresholds.  The Board recognizes the need for better research and thresholds.  Discussion ensued regarding changes needed.

Assistant Starter incident discussed, as was commission’s decision to drug test grooms.

ICE removed a groom from the grounds today, but it was thought that the individual had been removed due to a violation of a law and not primarily as an illegal immigrant who had overstayed their visa.

Employment agreement for Mike Cronin needs to be completed for next meeting.

HBPA needs more input into the races and races used. Should look at running extra races during the meet for thoroughbreds. Percentage of MN Breds roughly 25% of the horses entered and receive 40% of the money. Too many extras so you can’t train to a book race. HBPA needs to establish a condition book committee.

Dan Mjolsness made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Claudia Goebel.  Meeting adjourned at 6:17 pm


HBPA Board Minutes

Thursday, July 20, 2017 4:00 pm

Paddock Garden Conference Room, Canterbury Park


The Meeting was called to order by President Jack Walsh at 4:05 p.m.

Roll call was taken; Board members present were Jack Walsh President, Claudia Goebel, David Van Winkle and Bernell Rhone, Pete Mattson and Dan Mjolsness, present by phone Bruce Malkerson.  Also, present Cort Holten, Mike Cronin, Wendy Hobson, Randy Sampson and Andrew Offerman.  Quorum present.

4:06 Tony Rengstorf entered the meeting.  4:08 Bob Lindgren entered the meeting.

President Jack Walsh called for a motion to adopt the agenda as presented.  Bernell Rhone made the motion to adopt the agenda as presented, seconded by Pete Mattson.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes for July 1, 2017 board meeting.   Bernell Rhone made the motion to accept the minutes as presented seconded by Pete Mattson. Motion carried.

Revised and signed Purse Distribution Agreement was distributed.

SMSC contract negotiations’ overview was then given by President Jack Walsh, with a handout of projected purse account structure being discussed.  Randy Sampson continued the discussion with a broad perspective/history on the contract negotiations; how they come about, what has been discussed along with what proposal had been approved by the SMSC to be given to Canterbury Park to review and, accordingly, to the HBPA for its review. The proposal would be an extension to 2027 of the current contract, which ends in 2022. The proposed compensation for Canterbury Park and the HBPA would be cumulatively more than the present contract but not as great on average per year.

All parameters of the contract were discussed at length with the conclusion being that the board needs more discussion and research to come to a consensus.

Motion to adjourn by Bob Lindgren, seconded by Bernell Rhone.  Meeting adjourned at 6:09 p.m.


HBPA Board Minutes

Saturday, July 1, 2017 9:30 a.m.

Longshots, Canterbury Park 

The Meeting was called to order by President Jack Walsh at 9:35 a m.

Roll call was taken; Board members present were Jack Walsh, President, Bernell Rhone, Vice President, Bob Lindgren, Claudia Goebel, Tony Rengstorf, David Van Winkle, Pete Mattson, Dan Mjolsness, and, present via phone, Bruce Malkerson. Also, present, Mike Cronin and Wendy Hobson.

Jack Walsh called for a motion to adopt the agenda as presented. Bernell Rhone made the motion to adopt the agenda as presented, seconded by Pete Mattson.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes for June 15, 2017 board meeting. Bernell Rhone made the motion to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Pete Mattson. Motion carried.

Executive Director gave the Board an update on HBPA activities.

Dental clinic moving forward, thanks to Dr. Scott Rake.

Dr. Rake working on getting us digital X-ray equipment.

HBPA purchased two used sterilizers for the dental office, as the old one was outdated and unable to be repaired.

Summer Kids’ Camp is going well and with full enrollment.

Website and Facebook up and running. Mike tries to update numerous times during the week. Facebook gets about 1,000 hits on best days.

Public computer station is up and running and available 24/7.

Trainer employees’ lists submitted to Security, for Commission, is at 100% compliance.

Chaplain Ed made the HBPA aware of social services provided by Scott County; we now have services booklets available in both English and Spanish.

Jack Walsh informed the Board, per bylaws, that the HBPA had a 3-year ADW contract in place with Canterbury management and providers. He also said that the Board did not have much input as to the length of the contract; that this is the usual term for this type of contract.

There was then discussion with regards to purses being guaranteed by HBPA, Canterbury management feels it helps draw horsemen to the track and hope we will continue the practice. Jack Walsh added that we are not the only track that guarantees purses. Discussion moved on to positive test findings, splits etc. It was noted that one of the positive split tests is not back yet. Pete Mattson made the motion to proceed with contract amendment on purse guarantee. Seconded by Claudia Goebel. Motion carried.

Bruce Malkerson asked where things were with Mike Cronin’s employment agreement. It was decided that Mike and Cort will sit down and work on it after Cort is finished with legislative issues.

Bob Lindgren formulated Association financial packets for the Board. Bob explained what the packets included. It was noted that our Association bank balance was $168,103.04 and that $50,000 would transfer to SMSC account and $20,000 to the Foundation account. We had an outstanding balance of $567.62 due on credit card. Bob also told the Board he saw nothing unusual in his review. We were .40 cents off in bank balance and $6.99 on another item.

Jack told the Board he had been in Kentucky for Executive Committee meetings.  The meetings were interesting and informative. He received information on the National Thoroughbred Owner, Trainer & Breeder Legal Defense Fund. A committee of David Van Winkle, Bruce Malkerson and Pete Mattson was appointed to look into the fund to determine if it is something that may be feasible for the MN HBPA.

Discussion on changes that have occurred in testing: from the levels of detection to nanograms and picograms, to penalties and due process. A short discussion ensued. The question was asked, do we have to follow ARCI rules?

Eric Hamelback, National HBPA CEO, will be coming to Minnesota sometime this month.

Bernell Rhone noted that we need to think about what is happening on the backside and be involved.

Look at running 8 Thoroughbred races daily not just an average of 8.

SMSC contract extension negotiations are ongoing with Randy Sampson and SMSC.

Running Aces might be looking at Instant Racing.

Dan Mjolsness made the motion to adjourn seconded by Pete Mattson.  Meeting adjourned at 10:45 am.

HBPA Board Minutes

Thursday, June 15, 2017 4:30 pm

Conference Room, Canterbury Park

The Meeting was called to order by President Jack Walsh at 4:45 pm.

Roll call was taken; Board members present were Jack Walsh President, Bruce Malkerson, Bob Lindgren and Claudia Goebel, Tony Rengstorf, David Van Winkle and Bernell Rhone; present by phone Pete Mattson. Absent Dan Mjolness.  Also, present Cort Holten, Michael Cronin, Executive Director, and Wendy Hobson, Executive Administrator.  A quorum was present.

President Jack Walsh called for a motion to adopt the agenda as presented.  Bruce Malkerson made the motion to adopt the agenda and presented, seconded by Bernell Rhone.  Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes for December 28, 2016, February 15, 2017 and May 2, 2017.  Bruce Malkerson made the motion to accept all minutes presented (with some mark-ups from Bruce no content change) seconded by Bernell Rhone. Motion carried.

Before the arrival of Randy Sampson and Andrew Offerman President Jack Walsh gave the Board an overview on what the discussion would entail: a trainer who has received a potential second offense for methamphetamine, one three years ago and one just recently.  A split sample was sent off and should be back soon.  Further discussion ensued.  Jack expressed to the Board the extreme importance to get threshold levels established on a scientific level, not arbitrary levels, due to the new sophisticated testing we now have.

5:05 p.m.  Andrew Offerman entered the meeting.  The discussion then referred to the potential positive test.  The debate was energetic but respectful, as several circumstances arising due to the potential medication violation and the effect they could possibly have.

5:00 Pete Mattson exits meeting by concluding call from remote location.

5:40 Randy Sampson entered the meeting.  Randy apologized for being late and the discussion ensued, which included the potential of a positive medication finding, HBPA contract, guarantee of purses, due process and procedures at other racing facilities.  Cort Holten and the Board felt that Cort should amend the language in the contract to protect the purse account.  Cort will also address a letter to management with regards to special circumstances.

Randy informed the Board there has been discussion with SMC to extend the contract another five years, no decision will be made without MN HBPA approval.  Randy told the Board about some potential development of the surrounding area.  There was also discussion to combine the awards for the meet.  That MN HBPA and Canterbury would make one award presentation. This will be discussed further at a later date.

6:30 p.m. Randy Sampson and Andrew Offerman exit the meeting.

Bernell Rhone made the motion that we contribute $500 again this year to the Leg Up Fund Buffet, seconded by Claudia Goebel.  Motion carried.

Bruce Malkerson asked that we get the Tom Metzen Plaque put back up on the pillar.

Due to the length of the meeting the Board tabled the remainder of the agenda.  A motion to adjourn was made by Bob Lindgren, seconded by Bruce Malkerson.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.


HBPA Board Minutes

May 2, 2017 4:30 pm

Paddock Gardens Conference Room, Canterbury Park 

The meeting was called to order by President Jack Walsh at 4:30 pm.

Roll call was taken; board members present were President Jack Walsh, Vice President Bernell Rhone, Bruce Malkerson, Pete Mattson, Bob Lindgren, David Van Winkle and Tony Rengstorf. Absent were Dan Mjolsness and Claudia Goebel.  A quorum was present.  Also present were Michael Cronin, Executive Director, and Wendy Hobson, Executive Administrator.

Bernell Rhone made the motion to accept the agenda as presented, seconded by Bob Lindgren.  Discussion ensued regarding Bruce’s request for MRC discussion on Breeders’ Fund, and possible changes to it, and the role of the Advisory Committee for the Fund.  Bernell Rhone made the motion to appoint Pete Mattson as an HBPA member of the Advisory Committee. It was seconded by Bruce Malkerson. Motion Carried.

4:35 Cort Holten entered the meeting via phone.  Cort was welcomed to the meeting.

4:40 Joy Gorra entered the meeting

4:45 Andrew Offerman, Canterbury Park’s Senior Director of Racing, entered the meeting. President Jack Walsh asked Andrew to address the Board.  He informed the Board that Randy was recovering from a medical procedure and hoped to be out on Thursday.  Offerman went on to update the Board on the new trackman Ken Brown, stating he and Brown would be attending the bi-monthly horsemen’s meetings.  Andrew, also said that Andrew Vold is the new stallman and is working closing with Larry Fontenot.  Card Club revenue was up 12-14%, due in part to a change in marketing strategy. Simulcast revenue is down, but not significantly, especially when taking into consideration ADW business.  Andrew is looking forward to the season and working with us.

President Jack Walsh took the agenda out of order due to time contraints on Cort Holten.

Lobbyist Cort Holten addressed the Board regarding the Shutdown bill.  He stated that the bill could be in jeopardy. The Republicans put in and then excluded favorable language in the bill.  Discussion ensued.  Cort Holten was asked by the Board if they needed to hire additional lobbying help.  He suggested that we hire Reed Lebow, lawyer for the Republican Caucus, at a cost of $10,000. Bruce Malkerson made the motion to appropriate the $10,000 for this additional lobbying effort. Motion was seconded by Pete Mattson. Motion carried.

Commission’s changed rules have been approved by state’s Administrative Law Judge. Cort Holten suggested that the Board put together a rules committee to review any rule proposals along with suggesting any new rules that MN HBPA Board may want.  He stated that the committee should have a lawyer, trainer and maybe some outside interested parties.  It was suggested that Bruce Malkerson chair the committee.  Bob Lindgren made the motion that lobbyist Cort Holten, President Jack Walsh and Bruce Malkerson put together an agenda to form a committee, seconded by Pete Mattson. Motion carried.

Bruce Malerson urged staff to contact all horsemen living in the areas of Senators Eric Pratt, Paul Gazelka and Mary Kiffmeyer and have them contact these legislators.  Cort Holten will send contact information along with a short draft letter regarding the concerns of the possible shutdown.  Cort Holten suggested we work with Canterbury on this.  Board asked about possible help from the Racing Commission, but Cort Holten stated the commission was in an awkward position politically.

ADW update: conrtacts are done, systems in place.

Bruce Malkerson, requested updated emails from staff on progress of contacting horsemen on lobbying.

President Jack Walsh introduced Joy Gorra, who will chair the golf tournament this year, which will be Monday, July 24th at Dahlgren’s again this year.  Joy Gorra introduced some new games and ideas for the golf tournament this year. Bernell made the motion to again approve the expenditure of $1500 for the golf tournament sponsorship, seconded by Pete Mattson.  Motion carried.

President Jack Walsh, stated that due to the need for some clarification on Michael Cronin’s position he will defer ratification of the terms of employment of the Executive Director at this time.   President Jack Walsh then turned the floor over to Michael Cronin for his Executive Director Report.  Michael Cronin reported as follows:

Dental Clinic equipment has been checked and is ready to go. Staffing still in the works.

Met with MRC John Flynn & Joe Scurto regarding search policy, etc.

Cort’s recommendations to MRC re rule changes were accepted

Ice Machines are up and working.

Website will launch June 1st with the cost being $3,600.

Chaplain proposing having MN HBPA sponsor an adult soccer league, cost $5430, half of which would go to the coordinator.

Chaplain proposed having MN HBPA sponsor English second language classes for summer months cost $2260. Program would span 12 weeks.

Met with Doug Fiola, Quality of Life CEO, which is foundation that funds substance abuse program offered at Canterbury by Five Stars Recovery Center, no cost to us. Also met with Brian Loots, substance abuse counselor from Five Stars Recovery Center, who is returning again this year to Canterbury.

Esperanza-YMCA – MN HBPA summer kids’ program, with the absence of Claudia Goebel, Michael Cronin, Executive director gave the update.  The program will be five weeks this year through the YMCA.  Price will be $620 per child, which will include breakfast and lunch.  Claudia’s recommendation is for MN HBPA to sponsor 15 children, which the cost would be $9,300.

Discussion ensued.  At this time, it was brought up with the early opening that Chaplain has asked for a salary adjustment.  Canterbury Park CEO Randy Sampson said earlier in the year to President Jack Walsh that he felt the increase may be warranted.  In discussion, it was brought up that if you count the days, there are no extra race days. But Cronin said the chaplain is spending more time due to span of season. President Jack Walsh suggested that we need to look at budget before any decision is made.

Bruce Malkerson, stated that Michael Cronin, Executive Director, helped to facilitate discussion on proposed rule changes, which culminated in MRC’s accepting Cort’s recommendations on two problematic rules.

Bruce Malkerson suggested that we obtain house rules from other tracks to review.  Bruce also stated that we need to request from Canterbury Park, and to copy us all, on track maintenance reports, sample testing etc.

President, Jack Walsh, acknowledged the passing of Jane Mattson, wife of Board member Pete Mattson and Neut Stradamo long time horse owner.

Motion to adjourn was made by Bruce Malkerson, seconded by Pete Mattson. Motion carried and meeting was adjourned.


HBPA Board Minutes

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 4:30 pm

Paddock Gardens Conference Room, Canterbury Park 

The Meeting was called to order by President Jack Walsh at 4:30 pm.

Roll call was taken; board members present at Canterbury were Jack Walsh President, Bruce Malkerson, Bob Lindgren and Claudia Goebel; present by phone Pete Mattson, David VanWinkle, Bernell Rhone, Tony Rengstrof, Cort Holten and Dan Mjolsness briefly.  A quorum was present.  Also, present by phone was Wendy Hobson, Executive Administrator.

Bernell Rhone made the motion to accept the agenda as presented, seconded by Bob Lindgren.

Discussion ensued regarding Bruce’s request for MRC discussion on Breeder Fund and possible changes and the role of the Advisory Committee.  Bernell Rhone made the motion to appoint Pete Mattson as an HBPA member of the Advisory Committee, seconded by Bruce Malkerson.    Motion carried.

Executive Director position discussion was moved to later.

There was a brief reminder of the Winter Convention in Las Vegas March 7-11, 2017 and anyone interested in attending should notify Wendy Hobson.  It was also noted that President of National HBPA Leroy Gessmann, was hired as Executive Director in Arizona.

Bruce Malkerson, President Jack Walsh and Cort Holten are the ADW committee.  Brief update:

Track will receive 5% in Metro area and 2% from the outlining areas.

30 million could be the pot

Minnesota Racing Commission sent a letter to Xpress Bet, regarding some possible sanctions.  Xpress Bet wants the HBPA to sign off on an agreement not to pursue restitution, however the HBPA was not party to the letter sent by Minnesota Racing Commission.  MNHBPA Board of directors agreed to suggest to the Commission to rescind order to impose a sanction so not to have it on their records.

4:50 Dan Mjolsness leaves the meeting.

Cort Holten drafted a bill to exempt Minnesota Racing Commission from a government shutdown which would allow the track and Card Room to continue to operate in the event the shutdown happened.  Cort met with Senator Pratt this morning.  Senator Pratt is reviewing the bill and will introduce it.  The bill was sent to the Finance Committee.  It was discussed that racing needs to be protected from a possible government shut down.

There was no new business brought up.

President Jack Walsh began the discussion on an Executive Director. Each Board member had all applications for their review in the packets.  President Walsh told the Board he would like to go through them and see who the board would ratify or not ratify. Bruce Malkerson read the bylaw pertaining to the hiring of an Executive Director and discussed them. Board Member Claudia Goebel was a candidate for the position and will be interviewed for the job following the meeting applicants were discussed one by one and the Board stated who they would ratify and who not.  Jack told the Board that he wanted the total cost to the organization to be $100k all inclusive.  He stated he was not asking authorization to spend more as the Executive Director serves at the will of the President.  The Executive Director will be an at will employee with no right to termination compensation and no contract guaranteeing length of employment will be executed.  President Jack Walsh recommended that we do a contract totally at will, which we can.  Bruce Malkerson made the motion to approve the Executive Director package aim for $100,000, but will approve up to $105,000 seconded by Bernell Rhone.  Motion carried.  Claudia Goebel was asked to excuse herself from the meeting.  The Board then discuss each individual candidate for the position.  President Jack Walsh, would hire from the top three picks with hire date to be no later than March 8th, 2017

Items noted.

Commission staffing is top heavy.

Is our Benevolence Budget adequate?

5:45 p.m. Cort Holten leaves the meeting.

Motion to adjourn was made by Bruce Malkerson seconded by Bernell Rhone.  Motion carried and meeting was adjourned 6:15


HBPA Board Minutes

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 4:00 pm

Paddock Gardens Conference Room, Canterbury Park 

The Meeting was called to order by President Jack Walsh at 4:10 pm.

Present at Canterbury Park was President Jack Walsh, Bob Lindgren, Claudia Goebel and Bruce Malkerson.  Present by phone was Bernell Rhone, Pete Mattson, Tony Rengstorf, Cort Holten and Wendy Hobson.  Absent was Dan Mjolness and David VanWinkle.

Pete Mattson made the motion to accept the agenda as presented, seconded by Claudia Goebel.  Motion carried

Bernell Rhone made the motion to accept the minutes of October 19, 2016, Board meeting as presented, seconded by Pete Mattson, Motion carried.

President Jack Walsh signed the Canterbury Park contract for the upcoming 2017 summer meet.  We will run 68 days, start 2 weeks earlier, May 5th running Friday and Saturday until May 26th weekend and following 4 of July we will be dark until July 13th.  We have 32 stakes scheduled to be run.  President Walsh called for questions.  It was brought up that stall allotment needs to be limited to at least 70 per trainer. Condition books should be out by second or third week of January.

President Jack Walsh also noted that Eric Halstrom was no longer employed by Canterbury Park.

Bruce Malkerson and President Jack Walsh signed the Taxes and Audit reports.  The foundation owed $25.00 dollars so Jack issued a personal check for that.

Leg Up Fund update.  Willa Dailey suggested that maybe the MN HBPA was doing something wrong.  Claudia Goebel was the Treasure; however, she no longer has that position.  President Jack Walsh explained that the MN HBPA allowed Leg Up Fund to use our nonprofit status, however that is no longer the case.  Claudia will be the MN HBPA representative to sit on Leg Up Fund.

President Jack Walsh addressed some issues with the Bethke case.

4:25 Bruce Malkerson enters the meeting.

No contact has been made with Mary Hernandez for the 2017 Summer Kids Camp.  Claudia Goebel will work on that.  In 2016 kids went six weeks and we paid $8,500.  This year the Summer program could go back to six weeks.

President Jack Walsh has information on five prospective candidates for Executive Director; 2 immediately available, some are local people.  We are looking to pay low 90k up to 100k, no contract, at will employee and would like to hire March or April.   Bernell Rhone, Bruce Malkerson and President Jack Walsh have been reviewing resumes.   Pete Mattson asked who appointed them.

President Jack Walsh explained that bylaws allow him to act in this manner.  Bruce Malkerson suggested President Walsh pick top ones, then send resumes to all Board members for review. President Jack Walsh does not want to put the Board in a position to be stuck with someone.  Claudia Goebel being and HR person clarified to the board at will employee and will complete a job description for the position. Route the job description to all when completed Wendy Hobson will get employer tax responsibility information.

Cort Holten suggested we need a strong unified Board then:

First define position

Establish level of knowledge and experience required

Director should be professional level

Other items of discussion:

ADW contract was signed by President Jack Walsh

New track man has been hired, Ken Brown, out of Delaware, older experienced and did not want year-round work.  Javier recommended

Randy being back at the helm with help considerably

70 to high of a stall limitation

Need to open track 30 days before start of meet

Stake races and their placement in the program

Racing Secretary not involved in stake races and condition book

Need for larger grader on premises

No guidelines for filling stalls

Board needs input on stall allotment


Bernell Rhone made the motion that the board needed to pursue information to help Canterbury Park set up General Guidelines to follow as to stall limits, track opening and other issues, seconded by Claudia Goebel.  Motion carried.  Need to follow a successful racetracks lead; more trainers, more horses.

Bruce Malkerson requested we get a copy of the soil report, copy of track manuals from other tracks and a 2017 Calendar of Events for Board.

5:30 p.m. Pete Mattson leaves the meeting


HBPA Board Minutes
August 18, 2016 4:30 pm
Paddock Gardens Conference Room, Canterbury Park

The meeting was called to order at 4:34 pm by President Jack Walsh.

There was discussion about the loss of our President Tom Metzen and at the Minnesota Racing Commission Meeting a couple of fellow workers eulogized him.  Dan Mjolsness asked for a few minutes to relate a story of Tom and him.  It was noted that this is a great loss not only to his family but to the racing community.

Roll call was taken all board members were present except Rod Miller, who was excused. Quorum was present.   Also present were Molly Cronk, Wendy Hobson and Cort Holten.

The agenda was discussed as presented, noting that Bruce had sent late agenda items that he asked to be discussed under new business.  This was attached in the board packet.  It was discussed to keep the meeting short and that if time permitted we would discuss.  No motion was made to adopt the agenda and the meeting proceeded.

President Walsh asked Board to approve the May 20th minutes.  Bernell Rhone made the motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Bruce Malkerson.  Molly Cronk related that she thought a name listed in the minutes was incorrect, it was noted the name was correct. All members voted aye.  Motion carried.  It was brought to the board’s attention that there were no minutes taken at the July 2nd meeting.  It was discussed that by using the agenda minutes could be written.  They will be presented at the next meeting.

President Walsh relayed to the board that Randy Sampson wanted to address the board and would drop in between 5 & 5:30 pm.

The Benevolence Committee was asked to meet and come up with a Dental Solution as efforts to hire a dentist have not worked out.  Where do we go from here is their challenge.

President Walsh then moved on to old business, Bruce Malkerson requested that an audit be done and it was stated that the accountant is working on the 2015 audit and material for the 2016 audit was being put in place.

Claudia Goebel told directors that the Leg Up Day was successful as was the Summer Kids Camp program.  Dan Mjolsness asked about the education and if we received any money or grant from anywhere.

Under new Business, Bruce Malkerson started with some of his agenda items as detailed.

Item 1. was earlier addressed and finance committee was given a copy of last year’s financials.  The financial committee will receive monthly reports. 

Item 2.  Audit in Process; hope it will be ready for September meeting. 

Item 3 Executive Director:  Bruce Malkerson stated that we now needed a new Executive Director to do what Tom did; the HBPA needs someone.  Discussion ensued. Claudia Goebel mentioned someone like Jon Moss or Dave Brasler.  Cort suggested Audit Committee sit down and look at finances first.  President Walsh had visited with Jon Moss about Iowa’s short fall.

5:05 Randy Sampson joined the meeting. President Walsh turned the floor over to Randy.  Randy informed the board of a legal situation relating to an incident on the backside.  Some discussion ensued on the topic.  Claudia who works in HR stated she was available for any help that might be needed with regard to the situation.  He asked that we issue a written statement if we felt it necessary or otherwise say we have no comment.   Canterbury has training on sexual harassment; Randy suggested that maybe it was needed for the backside.

Randy stated that the new take-out has not worked as well as they had hoped.

September 17th the HBPA Sprint Stakes would now be Tom Metzen HBPA Sprint Stakes.  In addition, Canterbury with the help of HBPA, would like to have a buffet in the Triple Crown Room on the 17th for the Metzen family and whomever we thought should be invited.

No Concert closing day for many reasons.

Randy handed out the Canterbury Park Analysis for 2015, 2016. He also included a 2016 Live Racing vs 2015 Actual and 2016 Budgeted.  He explained them to the board.

Discussion about the condition of the track and equipment that may be needed for improvement.  This was a serious matter and horsemen need to be heard.  Randy and staff agreed to meet with trainers.  Meeting was set for Wednesday, August 31st, 11:00 a.m. in the chapel.

Randy thanked the board for their time and left the meeting.

Discussion continued.

No decision on Executive Director will be made until the new board is seated.  Claudia Goebel will put together a job description.

Board and Canterbury want to accomplish what Tom has always worked for.

Cort Holten suggested that a vacancy on the board needs to be declared and appoint the alternate to the board. Motion by Bruce Malkerson to appoint Bob Lindgren being duly qualified to fill Tom’s position, seconded by Bernell Rhone

Discussion ensued regarding interpretation of Bylaws from Cort Holten.  Bruce Malkerson did not want to support the motion without legal opinion.

Bruce Malkerson then restated the motion to declare a vacancy on the board and moved that the board appoint Bob Lindgren who is duly qualified.  Bernell seconded.  Motion carried, Bruce Malkerson abstained.

Bruce Malkerson requested Website & backside issues to be on the next agenda.

Bernell Rhone made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Dan Mjolsness Meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm.

July 2, 2016 11:00 a.m.

President Tom Metzen Sr. welcomed the horsemen, horsewomen and guests to the meeting. Brunch was then served.

President Tom Metzen Sr. called the meeting to order. He introduced the current board members in attendance, which was Vice President Jack Walsh, Owner Directors Claudia Goebel, Dan Mjolsness, Trainer Directors Tony Rengstorf, Bernell Rhone, David VanWinkle.

Owner Director, Rodney Miller and Bruce Malkerson were not in attendance.

President Metzen then introduced Canterbury Park President Randy Sampson. Randy spoke to the group briefly on the State of Racing in Minnesota.

President Metzen then presented the 2015 end of year awards as follows:

  • Leading Trainer: Robertino Diodoro
  • Leading Owner: Midwest Thoroughbred
  • Leading Jockey: Lenoardo Goncalves
  • Horse of the year: Hold For More owned by Dale Schenian, Trained by Francisco Bravo

President Metzen then stated the election committee, Bob Brigss Chairman, Gary McCloud and Joe Faraone. Joe Farone was the only one in attendance due to prior engagements by Bob and Gary.
Joe Faraone then took the floor and announced candidates running for directors as follows

  • Trainer: David VanWinkle
  • Owner: Pete Mattson, Richard Naistat and current Vice President Jack Walsh. He then opened the floor up for nomination. No nominations from the floor were made.

President Metzen thanked everyone for attending. He reminded everyone of the 22nd Annual Golf Tournament to be held Monday July 25th at Dahlgreen Golf Course, Chaska MN

Attending the Brunch were 26 owners, 3 trainers, 16 other, 11owner/trainers
Total attending 56

Meeting was adjourned

May 19, 2016

Horsemen’s Welcome meeting:

Total attendees 32

  • 26 Owner/trainers
  • 6 MRC employees

The meeting was called to order at 11:43 by President Tom Metzen, He welcomed everyone to Canterbury Park. Tom told horsemen if they have any issues come see me in the office.

Tom introduced members of the board in attendance, Vice President Jack Walsh, Bernell Rhone, David VanWinkle and Tony Rengstorf.

He reminded members about elections and if they knew of anyone interested in running for the board to let the office know.

He also told them about the golf Tournament and as it got closer we would put out more information he also told them to put their teams together.

He introduced Tom DiPasquale, Executive Director of MRC. Tom introduced MRC staff present, Joe Scurto, John Flynn, Head of Security, 2 investigators Stewards Dave Hooper, Constantin Rieger, and David Smith. He talked about the ADW Bill in the legislature at this time at length. Hopefully it will pass before close of this legislative session on May 23, 2016. If it passes due to the state regulations you will not be able to bet on Canterbury Park Races through an ADW (in state). He talked about the economic impact study survey and urged everyone to participate.

Safety, treat each other with respect and Have a successful meet.

President Metzen stated that the HBPA and been working with Lobbyist and legislators on the ADW Bill also.

President Metzen then introduced Eric Halstrom, Vice President of Racing Operations. Eric introduce his staff present Mark Erikson, Vice President of Facilities, Sean Corrigan, Director Security, Bryan Lingen, Director of Risk Mgmt. George T, Trackman
Eric welcomed everyone new and old; talked about new ideas that Canterbury was starting to implement, one of which was the first change in take out since 1985. Canterbury Park will be the lowest takeout track in America.

Canterbury is looking for a new track analyst for the Paddock. He welcomed input.

Eric turned the mic back to President Metzen. Tom assured horsemen that there will be no change in purses due to the lower takeout. Canterbury guaranteed a minimum the same as last year.

President Metzen then introduced Lynn Hovada, Chief Commission Veterinarian. Lynn introduce Kristy and Dr. Bowman back again this year.
Lynn stated that they follow the ARCI drug schedule which was handed out in the trainer packet. There was three medications added to the list; Anti-ulcer medication, sterizine, stylazene, Ketoprofen has been lowered, strongly suggested 24 hrs with drawl. MN Lasix testing has changed it will be done by LC=MS=MS. EHV-1 is a reportable disease in MN. Test barn is taking all necessary precautions, each horse will have his own water bucket, which is disinfected at the end of the race day, walls have been power washed and all precaution are being taken. She urged pony people to disinfect their straps. Dr. Bowman is here and she told people they could sign up for Lasix. In conclusion she introduced Petra Hartmann from Industrial Labs in Colorado whom has been doing Canterbury testing for the last three years.

Petra Hartmann; Slide presentation

Still collect blood and urine.
Each time a sample is sent to the lab they test for every drug on the list from Dr. Hovada. Most testing is on blood as it is cleaner form of testing. They are able to detect medication given late.
With drawl time times needs to come from a controlled study, many things can affect the with drawl time.
Horsemen may submit a sample for testing of therapeutic medications free of charge with the exception of Cobalt. They could not guarantee a testing turnaround time.

She stated that Canterbury test barn has excellent protocols in place. Samples ship out Sunday night by air.
All samples received are a number, no trainer, horse or race information is given to the lab.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20

Tom thanked everyone for coming.